noelle mason
Incident Report (Stephie)
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Time in Sport: Three Years
Number of Jumps: 500-plus
Skydives Within the Last 12 Months: Unknown
Cause of Death: Impact under a partially inflated reserve following a low-altitude cutaway

Description: Following an uneventful group freefall after exiting a Skyvan at 14,000 feet during a large-formation head-down skydiving camp, this jumper tracked away from the group at 5,500 feet and deployed her main canopy at approximately 3,000 feet. The main canopy inflated and immediately spun into line twists. Investigators found that one brake--the report did not indicate which one--released at some point during the deployment and caused the line twists. A jumper under canopy reported seeing this jumper below him, spinning rapidly under her main canopy. When he was at approximately 2,000 feet, he saw her cut away at an unknown altitude but lower than the witness' altitude.) He stated that she remained in freefall for a long period of time before he saw the reserve deploy, but the report did not specify how much time that was. Witnesses on the ground stated that at approximately 300 to 500 feet, the jumper pulled her reserve ripcord. The automatic activation device's cutter activated at approximately the same time. However, the reserve canopy did not have enough time to fully inflate, and the jumper struck the ground two to three seconds later under a partially inflated canopy. The hard impact killed her instantly.