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X-Ray Vision vs. Invisibility
X-Ray Vision vs. Invisibility is a body of work that investigates the phenomenological effects of vision technologies on the perception of undocumented immigrants. This project unfolds two dimensional images into three dimensional structures to expose how new vision technologies (backscatter, x-ray, sonic, thermal and digital imaging) recycle Cartesian modes of rationalization of geography and the body and in so doing reinforces a neo-colonial social and political relationship with Mexico.

X-Ray Vision vs. Invisibility is a two part project that utilizes two distinct production methods, a series of three woven goblin rugs depicting satellite images of the US/Mexico border and 10 hand embroidered tapestries of infrared images of undocumented immigrants crossing the US/Mexico border.

Ground Control is a series of three hand woven wool Gobelin tapestry-rugs that reproduce images of the US/Mexico border at places of conflict taken by the Terra satellite’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER.)

X-ray Vision vs. Invisibility, the second series in this body of work are twelve cotton stitcheries of human trafficking hand embroidered by Bilú Alcântara and myself in exchange for the amount it would cost her to illegally immigrate to the United States. All materials were made and purchased in the United States then one half were sent with instructions to be produced by Bilú. While the other half remained in the United States and were embroidered by myself. This production method is intended to explicitly interrogate the exportation of manual labor across borderlines while the remediation of infrared and backscatter surveillance seductively aestheticizes the business of border crossing.