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Cul de Sac: An Experiment in Living Well
Cul de Sac: An Experiment in Living Well
prefabricated building materials, CCTV surveillance, American Beer, Marlboro cigarettes, Jim beam, chainsaw, hatchet
10' x 16'

Cul de Sac is a replica of Henry David Thoreau’s house on Walden Pond, built on site at the Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia, MN. Unlike Thoreau’s cabin, Cul de Sac was built using prefabricated building materials conspicuously omitting any door or windows. Eight participants were trapped inside the building. The drywall and wood laminate interior was made to resemble a white box gallery featuring a sculpture made with three cases of American beer, a handle of Jim Beam bourbon, Marlboro cigarettes, three hatches, and a chainsaw. The participants got drunk and broke their way out. The entire event was captured and recorded by four closed circuit television cameras.