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Unlike a conventional window, which allows an unobstructed view of the outside world, a window of stained glass mediates light, refuses our gaze, and returns it with a gaze of its own. In the 15th century this gaze belonged to God, in the 21st century it is the states. At the end of the enlightenment project we have returned to the Gothic cathedral, its windows, however, have been replaced by the transmission, reflection, and controlling eye of the surveillance camera.

Stained glass reproduction of the Surveillance Image of Alleged Hijackers Of AA 11, Mohamed Atta And Abdulaziz Alomari Passing Through Airport Security, Portland, Maine, 9/11/2001

24HR (5:53:51 09-11-01)
24HR (5:53:51 09-11-01)
Stained Glass, Walnut Light Box
35" x 44"