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Untitled (diptych)
Untitled (diptych)
Tatoo, Archival Pigment Print
20" x 30"

Archival pigment print, tattoo, Life-size Photographs hung at my present height, Frames, Pencil (rubbing taken of my growth rate off my parents wall), Tattooed scalp

Artifact from an ongoing performance that began in March of 2004 when I had my hair shaved and the word “Pedophile” tattooed on my scalp. The performance consists of living with the tattoo in various states of exposure as I continue a perpetual process of shaving the area and then allowing my hair to grow back in.

In this work I am interested in how perception shapes our relationship to criminality. By tattooing the word 'pedophile' on my scalp i recall the teleological practice of phrenology that influenced the formation of the link between crime and medicine. This practice was entirely based on conclusions drawn from direct observation of the human head.