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i.e. is a network of independent artists, forced together by circumstance, now living and working internationally. The artists periodically come together in order to realize why they separated in the first place.

i.e. Benjamin Bellas is punishing something, but doesn't know what.
i.e. Justin Cooper always ejaculates while watching JAWS.
i.e. Stuart Keeler is a piece of public work.
i.e. Clinton King's life is a train wreck.
i.e. Noelle Mason is living in a shoebox with a panoramic view.
i.e. Ross Moreno exists somewhere between heroic and pathetic.
i.e. Magdalen Wong positioned at the starting point may be missing at times.

Mediums such as performance, photography, sculpture, and video serve to manifest each individualís vision. These diverse artistic sensibilities contribute to provocative points of conjunction; these are represented in works that make use of surveillance, musical scores, vaudeville act, and scientific schematics. Their materials are various and can range from gourds, wireless microphones on kites, and even a scalp tattooed with the word "pedophile." By means of object and experience, new and expanding forms of work emerge.