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Incident Report (40 years)
Incident Report (40 years)

Age: 61
Sex: Male
Time in Sport: 40 years
Total Number of Jumps: 800
Skydives Within the Last 12 Months: One
Cause of Death: Hard impact after failing to deploy a main or reserve parachute
Description: This skydiver was participating in a 2-way skydive, exiting a Twin Otter from approximately 13,000 feet. The jumper with him reported that this jumper was nervous during the airplane ride, wasn’t very stable in freefall and didn’t perform the 360-degree turns they had planned. Instead, this jumper had shaken his head "no" during the skydive, and the two held their formation until approximately 5,000 feet. This jumper then began to track away, lost stability while reaching for his bottom-of-container-mounted pilot chute and started to spin and tumble. He remained unstable until he struck the ground without deploying either a main or reserve parachute. He was pronounced dead at the scene.